Eurofire 2013
   Eurofire 2013

The main aim of the Eurofire Conference is
"to support knowledge advancement and to facilitate information exchange with regard to
fire engineering protection."

Eurofire Conferences are unique in that they provide a platform for European issues that directly relate to the work of Fire Safety Engineers. The 2013 event focuses on a wide range of topics from Education Certification, Harnessing New Technologies and facilitating Architectural Trends whilst emphasis continues to maintain focus on Application and Cases Studies. After successful events in both Belgium and France this year’s conference will be host in Switzerland. The location is the charming city of Basel on the borders of France and Germany on
9-10th October.

Fire Safety Engineering facilitates safe use and assessment of building projects more efficiently than the Prescriptive Approach traditionally used in regulations. The engineering focus on Performance based indicators leads to better adapted technical building solutions as well as more efficiency on both Cost and Environmental levels.

The 2 day programme is made up of 26 papers which discuss the latest trends and applications on Fire Safety Engineering and there is plenty of time allocated for visiting the exhibition stands and networking with colleagues.

The Programme Committee have put together a technical programme which they believe is important and interesting for industrial companies and related industries such as the insurance sector to discuss specific issues or general problems and to find appropriate engineering solutions.

The Conference will open with a session on the Global Approach of the Fire Safety Engineering. Eminent lecturers from USA and Australia will share their experiences that can be used as a base for education and certification of Fire Safety Engineers in Europe.

A second session will debate the way to measure the Qualification of Fire Safety Engineers. There is now an urgent requirement both within Europe and worldwide to uniformly define the status and qualifications of the Fire Safety Engineer.

The impact of Architectural Trends will then be evaluated by way of some examples, ranging from Road Tunnels to Super Tall Buildings. Fire Safety Engineering can be applied in all cases but requires specific skills case by case.

The downturn in the worldwide economic situation has sharply focused the industry on the Cost Efficiency of the Designs and Life Cycle analysis. Risk management, Cost Benefit analyses and Positive Balance are the key words in this session.

New technologies as such as Vortex Suppression Systems, Sprinkler Vacuum technology and the Application of Fire Safety Engineering by way of Computer Simulation or Full Scale Fire Tests will be discussed in the closing session of the conference.

The Eurofire Conferences will be wrapped-up by an international team of panelists drawn from leading Institutions.

Like many other fire protection events, EUROFIRE attracts participation from a wide audience, namely fire protection- and construction experts, scientists and public authority personnel as well as representatives from industry and trade sectors.

The aim of EUROFIRE is to ensure a holistic approach to successful fire protection rather than promote standardization of any country-specific methods and standards. This means that regardless of the country specific standards and regulations, the conference show-cases potential solutions by using applied research methods to work, not only on every-day problems but right through to highly specialised difficulties in fire safety.

Attendance at Eurofire 2013 has been accredited with 11 hours CPD by the Institution of Fire Engineers, UK

The Singapore Civil Defence Force has allocated 12 hours CPD to its programme.

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